XPOWER FM-48 FM-48 3-Speed 144-Watt Portable Outdoor Misting Fan

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• Portable cooling solution creates comfortable outdoor environment by way of cooling via mist; can also be used as a general utility fan ;• Ideal for cooling down patios & pool areas & picnics & sporting events & and outdoor activities; can be set up in gardens and greenhouses to keep your plants healthy in harsh weather;• Lightweight & compact & and durable polypropylene plastic housing design;• Sealed motor is protected from contaminants and water damage;• Convenient grab-n-go handle handle and wraparound power cord design;• 4 nozzles distribute mist that reduces ambient temperature by up to 25deg ;• 3 adjustable speeds with 135deg rotational positions;• Safety screens on open vents;• Powerful & energy-efficient 144-watt & 1.2-amp induction motor; 600 CFM airflow capacity;• 7 ft. power cord with wraparound cord design; in-line GFCI cord for safe outdoor use; fused end plug;• ETL(R)/Intertek(R) listed; meets OSHA safety requirements;• Dimensions: 13.3 in. L x 12.3 in. W x 15.2 in. H;• 1-year limited warranty;• Includes owner’s manual;

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